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It may take „a little mining“, to find relevant language resources that fulfil your needs and purpose.

What resources are here?

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Materials made by Íslenskunáman

You have access to lots of free resources for learning Icelandic as a second language created by Íslenskunáman. Much of them are on Quizlet but some are on printable PDFs.

On Quizlet

Note that there are links in the summaries below that will lead you directly to a attached assignment.

Study sets

for level 1 and 2, to practice:

  • vocabulary and pronunciation
  • basic word order and grammar
Overview for level 1
Overview for level 2

I. Additional tasks

for Conversation Cards, to practice:

  • their main subjects and focuses and more relevant language skills
I. Tasks overview

II. Additional tasks

for Theme Boxes, to practice:

  • vocabulary
  • the cases and the declension of nouns
II. Tasks overview
PDF: Clothing (assignment)

Diagrams and assignments

word GroupSubjectLevel
VerbsFrame: vowel shifts in singular of irregular verbs in present tense
Frame: vowel swifts in singular of irregular verbs in past tense
A1+ (2. level)
A2+ (3. level)


Google Translate is still the most effective dictionary for translating sentences, but sometimes you just need to look up individual words.

WordReference.comNEW! (still in process)
Glosbe.com6.000 languages
ISLEXThe Nordic languages + Finnish
Íslensk nútímamálsorðabókIcelandic – Icelandic (with audio)
Íslensk stafsetningarorðabókOfficial spelling dictionary


Icelandic Made Easi(er)User friendly and clarifying grammar blog (in English)
BINHelpful, but its purpose isn’t providing 100% correct grammar
Litli málfræðingurinnPerhaps it’s better to love grammar (pdf)
MálfræðiyfirlitOverview from Íslenska fyrir alla (pdf)

You need grammar but don’t let perfectionism stop you from using the Icelandic you do know.

Teachers’ tips

Audio and texts

Train your brain by listening to Icelandic. For example, you can listen to Icelandic:

  • music
  • movies
  • tv-shows
  • podcasts
  • radio stations
ylhyra.iscategorized texts (A1-C1) with audio and translations
Íslenska fyrir allaaudio files and text books
Hitt og þettaaudio files and a text book
Smábókaskápurinnchildren books with flipping and audio
ruv.isReadSpeaker – digital voice – on news

The best way to practice what you’ve learned is to use it in conversations. In the beginning, you need a platform or a partner to do so.

Teacher tips

Speaking opportunities

Practice Makes PerfectKópavogur Library in cooperation with The Icelandic Red Cross
Spilum og spjöllumCity Library – Grófin and Spöngin (Reykjavík)
Practice and learn IcelandicYou can request a study partner in this Facebook Group

Private Tutors

Various schools offer 40-hour a week courses in Icelandic as a second language. Many of them also offer distance learning. Some students, however, simply choose to learn the language in private lessons because even though the lessons costs more, they get more out of it.

Here are the names of a few instructors who offer private tutoring.

Tutors NameLocation
Hólmfríður GestdóttirGrafarvogur, Reykjavík (face-to-face tutoring and online)
Rakel SigurgeirsdóttirGrafarvogur, Reykjavík (face-to-face teaching in priority)
Sigurður HermannssonVesturbær, Reykjavík (face-to-face tutoring and online)
Svava SkúladóttirLondon, UK (online)

Published December 10, 2021

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