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Conversation cards8,5 x 6 cm
one package8,8 x 6,2 x 1,9 cm50 gr
one set (three packages)150 gr
Theme cards8,2 x 8,2 cm
one package10 x 9 x 8,5 cm550 gr
one set (two packages)1100 gr

Conversation Cards

  • one package ISK 2.000
  • one set (three packages) ISK 5.700
  • shipping cost depends on the price list of Pósturinn

Theme Boxes

  • one package ISK 7.500
  • one set (two packages) ISK 14.700
  • shipping costs depends on the price list of Pósturinn

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Conversation Cards

The cards are a great tool both for beginners, and advanced users (A1+), to practice their Icelandic speaking skills. They’re also an excellent tool to use with a study partner.

Each box contains 28 cards with questions and answers.

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  • There are questions on the front of the cards, along with colored dots, that indicate the difficulty level of each question.
  • On the back there are answers to the questions, or suggested answers.
  • A brief instruction booklet in English and Icelandic is included in each box.

For who?

The conversation cards are intended for beginners who are learning Icelandic and:

  1. want to practice what they have learned by having real conversations.
  2. want to speak Icelandic but don’t have the vocabulary to keep up a conversation.

The conversation cards are also for those who speak Icelandic and want to assist someone who is learning the language.

How to use?

Use the conversation cards to break the ice and begin a conversation with someone who:

  1. speaks Icelandic
  2. is learning Icelandic

The cards can be divided between two or more people and then the participants take turns asking and answering. You can also set up an interview with the cards. Then you can draw one card at a time.

It’s worth mentioning that repetition is very important in all language learning, so it can be good to use more than one method when going through the same conversation over and over again.

Where to use?

  • at home with family or friends who speak Icelandic, or are also learning it
  • at school or at work during breaks
  • in cafes with a tandem partner

The packages are fairly small and fit conveniently in a bag or a pocket, so you can take them with you anywhere. Therefore it’s definitely possible to use the conversation cards in more places then those mentioned above.

What is practiced?

Click on the images below to see them bigger

  • common questions to get to know someone
  • yes or no questions
  • basic word order
  • the position of the negation „ekki
  • basic vocabulary for food
  • accusative in the 5 most common inflectional groups of nouns
  • adverbs of frequency
  • present tense of regular verbs
  • vocabulary for daily activities
  • basic vocabulary regarding timing
  • future and past with auxiliary verbs
  • inflection of personal pronouns

Overview of additional tasks that are associated with each package can be downloaded from here, but the exercises are on Quizlet.

The Theme Boxes

The cards are a great tool for advanced beginners (A2+) to practice the declension of nouns and the use of prepositions with clothing nouns and location nouns.

Each box contains 200 cards and a short instruction booklet

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  • A noun with a corresponding image and a color dot is on the front of the cards. The color dots indicate the difficulty level of the nouns declension.
  • On the back you can find information about which preposition to use with the noun, which inflectional category it belongs to, and an overview table which shows its declension.
  • The instruction booklet contains information on grammar and ideas on how to mix learning the inflections and games.

For who?

  • Students of all ages, who are learning Icelandic as a second language.
  • Teachers, other professionals, and mentors who are teaching or guiding those who are learning the language.

Why and where to use?

The purpose of the theme boxes, like other word cards from Íslenskunáman, is:

  • to make learning and teaching easier, and more fun,
  • to make grammar more accessible,
  • to offer a learning-by-doing resource,
  • to offer games that everyone can participate in,
  • to support peer education and change repetition in learning and teaching

The material is practical both for learning, and playing with family and friends as well as for professionals and instructors. It can therefore be used both as a fun board game at home and to make progress in complicated grammar.

What is practiced?

Click on the images below to see them larger.

  • accusative and dative, with and without the definitive article
  • whether to use í or á with the nouns of places
  • accusative and dative, with and without the definitive article
  • where to use vera í og vera með

The cards in the theme boxes have a colored front. The colors indicate the gender of the nouns:

  1. blue: masculine
  2. pink: feminine
  3. yellow: neuter

Overview of resource materials for both boxes.

Box NamePdfs
Places and LocationsWhere to put í and á
Diagrams and sentence formulas for both cases
Clothing NounsWhat to wear for certain occasions
What to wear in certain weather conditions
Adjectives to use with clothing nouns and inflectional tables

Overview of additional tasks at Quizlet associated with these subjects.

Published December 10, 2021