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The Icelandic study mine: A handful of helpful study resources

The Icelandic study mine is a start-up company that offers various study materials to learn Icelandic as a second language, private tutoring is also offered.

Products for sale

Flashcards, conversation cards and more.

Created in collaboration with adult students, both at learning institutions and in private lessons.

Produced with the aim of making Icelandic language learning easier, and more accessible for all students.

Private tutoring

Private tutoring is conducted at my home in Reykjavík, Iceland. Online lessons are also available. You can either buy a full-priced single lesson or a package with 10 lessons, at a discount. Receipts are available for union refunds.

I have teaching qualifications from the Education Ministry of Iceland and more than 10 years of experience teaching Icelandic as a second language

Free materials

  • Interactive study sets and activities, on both Quizlet and Kahoot!
  • Diagrams, grammar formula sheets, and pdf-files, with specific exercises for important language skills.
  • Moderate collection of links that contain useful resources, as well as links to other private tutors’ websites.

Rakel is a very professional teacher and I think she is the best. She connects everything to everyday life and teaches phrases that ordinary Icelandic people use in their speech.

Student at level B1

(Rakel) was professional, respectful, and always gave enough useful examples and explanations to ensure she gave answers to my questions. As a doctor who is working in academia, I really enjoyed her teaching methods.

Student at level A2

Teacher „Rakel“ Is the BEST I’ve ever had!!!!! THANKS a lot to her! Her explanations are logical, she is helping me with my vocabulary!! SHE IS AWESOME!!!!

Student at level A1

Language learning needs to be planned like any other travel

Published December 9, 2021